Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Google Ads

Contextual advertising in Google Ads is presented in a huge number of formats: text search and image display ads, YouTube video ads and mobile ads and has very flexible targeting settings, allowing you to focus on the most promising audience.

Why Google Advertising?


Attraction of new clients

Google Ads will help increase your online sales and office calls, attract new visitors to your site, and build a loyal audience.

Contact with the audience at the right time

Google Ads will help increase your online sales and office calls, attract new visitors to your site, and build a loyal audience.

A wide range of advertising formats

There are many ad formats available in Google Ads, including text search and image display ads, YouTube video ads, and mobile app ads, to name a few.

Contextual ads appear next to search results when people search for your products and services. At the same time, you only pay for visits to your website or calls to your company.

Google Ads display ads are shown on over 2,000,000 websites and over 650,000 apps to reach any audience.

You choose who will see your ads. In this case, only actual views are paid. In other words, you won't be charged to show ads to uninterested users.

App campaigns are a great way to get your iOS or Android app known to over a billion Google users. That being said, you don't need to have experience in advertising.

You pay only for results

No clicks - no costs

You only pay when a user clicks on your ad and goes to your website or calls your office. In other words, only when advertising is working.

For every budget

Even if you don't have a huge budget, you will achieve success if you choose the right advertising target. It is profitable for some companies to spend millions a month on advertising, while others - hundreds of times less.

Advertising in your neighborhood or around the world

You can target your ads to countries, regions, cities, and even a specific distance from your office or store.

Make informed decisions

Track the effectiveness of advertising

With Google Ads, you can track how many people viewed your ads, visited your site, or called your business.

Order contextual advertising settings and you will get a quick influx of clients for your business. 100% result ...



Profile Audit

$ 49
  • Define your audience
  • Keyword selection
  • Promotion strategy
  • Tips for promoting Profile

Needed to determine the business promotion strategy


$ 149 / month
  • Define your audience
  • Keyword selection
  • Promotion strategy
  • Creation of 1 company (3 ads)
  • Launch advertising

Suitable for determining the need for this type of advertising


$ 299 / month
  • Define your audience
  • Keyword selection
  • Selection and installation of minus words
  • Creation of 3 companies
  • Remarketing
  • Installation of each new company + $ 29

Suitable for a real product promotion network

Order settings

Online Zone


Contextual advertising refers to the practice of placing ads for web pages, it must necessarily be created based on the content of these pages. For example, it could be an ad for running shoes, news of new project launches, or it could be an ad for laptops on an e-commerce site. This is done through PPC advertising, which involves segmenting ads based on parameters such as a keyword or website theme.

For example, in the "Books" section of the New York Times website, you will see contextual advertising in the form of a banner selling glasses:

contextual advertising

Here's another example from Verizon, which is running its ad for a new Samsung phone on TechCrunch:

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a powerful tool for attracting customers right here and now. Contextual advertising as a product appeared a long time ago in the world of internet marketing. It arose almost with the advent of Google itself. According to a survey conducted GumGum, 61% of US advertisers use contextual advertising, and 24% of advertisers plan to increase their spending on this type of advertising next year.


Setting up advertising using the Google Ads service.

Initially, you need to create an advertising campaign. Already here, without certain skills, it is difficult to do all the work correctly. Further, Google's contextual advertising requires the following steps:

  • Collect the semantic core. These are certain phrases and words with which users can find the product or service they need. It is important to study the target audience, their requests, as well as the characteristics of the company. When using the Google search engine, contextual advertising must fully match the resource. Therefore, we recommend that you personally familiarize yourself with the key phrases in order to exclude absurd and ineffective queries.
  • Next, budget forecasting is performed. For this, experts use certain tools to calculate possible costs.
  • A plan is drawn up, goals are determined: ordering a service, buying a product, calling. Approximate figures are determined.

Advertisement created. All Google PPC advertising needs to be tailored to keywords and then distributed to specific groups.

Advertising has been launched, the budget is replenished.

The length of the stages depends on many factors. What matters is whether there is a plan, whether the ad units are ready and what their format is. After Google launches contextual advertising, there is a learning process. Without correction, the effectiveness of the campaign will constantly decline. The improvement includes expanding the list of negative keywords that spend budget without a positive response. Competitors are identified, false clicks on the ad are identified in order to properly spend the budget. In parallel, we analyze the CTR, which reflects the ratio of the number of impressions to clicks. When using the Google search engine, contextual advertising must meet certain conditions. The higher the quality of the ad, the higher its rating and the lower the cost of the ad.

Thus, contextual advertising on Google requires investment during the first three months, conversion increases further, revenues grow, and new customers come. Don't think that this work is finished. You should continue to monitor the effectiveness of your ads and, if necessary, make adjustments to position your ad above your competitors on the search engine. It is necessary to strive to reduce advertising costs.

PPC advertising is characterized as one of the best and fastest ways to attract targeted customers to your website. But take your time so as not to quickly drain your entire advertising budget. Before the start of advertising activity, we closely research and conduct an audit of your business in order to calculate the points of conversion of potential customers into buyers of your services. We will also begin our cooperation with the installation and configuration of analytical systems, namely Google Analytics, Tag Manager, which will not only track every transition, but also effectively use your advertising budget. To track the effectiveness and optimize advertising campaigns, we will also recommend installing the Ringostat call tracking system.

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