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from 149 $/month

Advertising in social networks, quite promising platform for sales. It gives a lot of opportunities to promote products and services. Setting this ad, It depends on the goals and objectives.


from 149 $/month

Want to quickly get callbacks, You need a contextual advertising from Google AdWords It gives a quick start and a wide audience coverage.

Creation of sites

from 199 $/month

Website development of any complexity. Adaptive design, correct structure, optimization for SEO.


from 299 $/month

Connecting and configuring Bitrix ERP system 24. The system will help to systematize and automate the business processes of the company. It saves time, and therefore finances. Eliminates routine and monotony of manual labor. The information is processed and transmitted much faster.

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Large number of people, understand that sooner or later, to increase sales via the Internet, you need to create a website. If you need to sell your products online, or just want to provide some information about your online business, in this case, creating a website is very important for you.

You have decided that the site you need. We advise you to study the sites of your competitors before creating a website, it can help you get a clear idea of ​​how, what might work best for you.

To create a website, must be done 4 main steps:


It is important that your domain name clearly reflects the characteristics of your project, your products or services. It's not a bad idea to name your domain name in such a way that it looks like the name of your business.. It's comfortable, the client, seeing your domain, will be able to understand the type of business.

Your domain name will also be used for your email address. The domain name included in your mail looks more professional.

To register a domain name, you will need to find a hosting company and pay for the domain name from them.

Don't forget to mark, that domain payment is renewed annually.


In order to register your domain name you will need to find a hosting company. There are many such companies on the Internet. Explore everyone and choose, the one who suits you best. They can also allocate several email addresses for you on the server., which will include your domain name.


Think about, What would you like, so that customers, had the opportunity to do through your website. This will help you figure out, what sections or pages do you want to make on the site. Decide, with information, which should be on the site. Or transactions your customers wish to receive, and make sure, that the blog is structured this way, so that they can easily receive and do that, what do they need. It is desirable that the client can find the information he needs in one maximum of three clicks. People don't want to waste their time, they want to receive information of interest quickly.

Website, which is superbly designed and easy to use for visitors, help your business stand out. Use of proper content, images can help visitors understand more about your products and services. Comfortably receive the necessary information or place orders on the website.


You can create a website yourself or hire a professional, web developer build it for you.

To create a website, you can also use website builders, such as Tilde, LP Generator, WIX. They are like word processors, but also has built-in functions for converting text and images to web content.

Having someone who can build you is also a good idea., if you don't understand how to make a website yourself. A professional web developer can quickly build your website and provide guidelines for a successful web design. Hiring a professional can be especially helpful, if you want to create an online store or a large portal.

You will need to create a website, which will be easily displayed on smartphones and other mobile devices. By optimizing your website for mobile devices, you can attract even more people, using phones and tablets with Internet access, they will be able to use your site.



You can have the coolest product in the whole world, but without highly effective promotion and advertising, no one will be able to find out about it. Just because, that you created your site and launched it on the Internet, does not mean, that everyone can find him on the net. In fact, nobody will know, that you exist, if you start promoting it. There are several ways to promote your site for little money. Also, there are several ways, to get good results for free. Here are seven tips for website promotion, who need to use, in order to, see your resource in the Top 10.


Before you start working with site content, need to know about SEO tools, which will be needed for this.

You can use google keyword analyzer, it's a good toolbox, which will help you find the best keywords for your niche market. Remember to concentrate exclusively on long (referred to as low-frequency and mid-frequency) keywords versus short (high-frequency) keywords. Focus on keywords, having low competition but high search frequency. This condition will help you create and promote your website., which more people can see. Using the right SEO strategy will help, in promoting and creating your website. Selected keywords should be added to the title (Title), content (Meta) and description (Description) website. For website promotion, it is also important to add the keyword to the image title tag and do not forget to include in the alt tag. Promoting your website with SEO is one of the best ways to get natural traffic and higher rankings..


The world of social media has completely changed internet marketing. By creating a social media account, interacting with clients through social networks, this type of marketing is seen as an extremely significant way, attracting customers and promoting the site. With the help of social networks you can create connections with customers, get feedback, communicating with them. Social networks provide an excellent platform for advertising your business as well., showing your products to the right audience. There you can create contests and prizes, polls, transfer the client to unique landing pages, to get new "Leads" and customer contact details. Facebook и Twitter, currently dominant social media, but Pinterest and Instagram are starting to overtake these networks.


An easy way to get started with getting traffic to your site is just as possible with search engines.. Through these systems, such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. you can submit new content to their directories, in order for it to be indexed. Major search engines offer this free service, at the same time, we get a good result with minimal financial investments. This is one of the first things you need to do., what needs to be done to promote the site, if you add fresh content weekly.


Through brand promotion, people can recognize your company. Take the time to build your own brand, for, so that you can be quickly recognized and remembered, attract people's attention. The brand should be simple enough and at the same time, it must be unique and catchy. Create a personal signature for your email account, text messages and forums, which include your site url. It's a great way to get people to recognize your brand., and this will allow you to navigate to your URL. It is also very important to have a mobile version of the website..


One way to give search engines the ability to index and promote your site is by having links to your site from other major sites., portals. If you want to get good website promotion, post links to your site from guest blogs, forums and news articles, negotiate link exchange. Don't link your site to low-level, low quality sites. Search engines only pick up sites that link to influential sites with a fairly high ranking. Focus on link building, that are relevant to readers, and use quality keywords or phrases. Inbound links are a significant part of the SEO world, but you need to be careful about, how do you create them. If you do too much at once, your site may be banned by search engines. Slow and systematic link placement is the best way to naturally rank your site in search engines..


Of all the website promotion ideas, the best of them is to focus on the quality of the content and its interesting component. Content must be unique! Write information in your blog that is understandable for the reader? Give them information, which they want. Creating quality content is vital to your website, and also for your overall rating. Write content, which other people want to read, quote and promote on your own blogs / websites and social media. Submit your new articles for indexing to Google. Submit new content to social media constantly, when you upload a new blog post. Monitor the blog, to find out, what works, and what not, watch that, is traffic moving up.


To reach a local audience, register your site with Google May Business. Little of, which Google will help with ideas for promoting your website, it will allow businesses to register their information for free. You can add photos, include promotional offers and even send mobile ads. Most of the Local Business Google Page, how information is displayed. It will appear right above the rest of the normal search result information., giving your business more online presence. Google even provides pointers to your location, and they will allow customers to find your address and call directly from their mobile device.

If you still ask, how else can you promote my site after using these seven tips, that's a good idea, to contact the online marketing agency Online Zone for help. These seven website promotion tips will help you dramatically improve your website rankings and promote it through search channels.. Although it may take time. The main things to focus on for website promotion, it's patience. Website promotion time can take weeks or months, before you discover a significant increase in traffic and your online rankings. For more information about, how to promote a website, contact the Online Zone today!

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