Targeted advertising on social networks, SMM

Targeted advertising on social networks, SMM

promoting a brand of a product or service on Social Networks

    • Maintenance and development of the brand pages
    • Attracting the target audience
    • The launch of advertising campaigns
    • Facebook advertising pay-per-action
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What is the promotion of Smm?

SMM promotion on social networks – It is the process of driving traffic or attention to the project, brand or product through effective social media advertising. You can be a model company, Noble purposes, have a unique offer, but if it will not know the weight, It has virtually no. Smm promotion is informational, viral marketing, rapid feedback from loyal audience, an increase in calls and sales. Smm promotion in social networks need any company, regardless of its age, zoom and focus.

Targeted advertising allows

improve brand awareness

form a client base

address the target audience directly

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increase customer loyalty

get feedback


increase sales growth

Smm promotion of social networks - is to attract a new audience, popularization and image of the company in the group and Facebook communities, In contact with, and rapid feedback with the audience. Targetirovannaâ advertisement, It focused on direct sales of goods or services.

The cost of advertising on Facebook will vary depending on the purpose, you want to achieve, targeting and target audience, which will show ads. Average cost per click 0,03 – 0,5$ and higher. Clarify the value of targeted advertising on Facebook for your needs can be, ordering a free miscalculation.

Comprehensive approach "SMM Promotion + Targeted advertising "will allow the best use of all the tools of social media, attracting target, cheap traffic, as well as promote your brand in social networks, communicating directly with potential customers.

trust us because we have

2 of the year
experience in the promotion of SMM

operational launch of advertising campaigns

satisfied customers

individual approach to each project

minimum commission

Targetirovannaâ Advertising

Targeted advertising on social networks - an effective channel to drive traffic and Disabilities. The targeted advertising using different targeting options: location, age, floor, tongue, marital status, hobbies, etc.. Such broad ad settings allow to reduce to a minimum show ads to people, which is not interested in and get the maximum result for the minimum money.

1. Quick start
2. The target audience
3. Targeting opportunities
4. Pay per click, screenings, Lida
5. Convenient analysis tools

Driving promotion


definition objective audience:

  • floor
  • age
  • marital status
  • geography
  • interests

Analysis competitors
Defining your advertising goals
The choice of social networking for work

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таргетированная реклама


Creature community:

  • title
  • description
  • design

Filling community content
Creature interactive


    • shares
    • competitions
    • voting


Targetirovannaâ advertisement:

    • company setup
    • creating test ads
    • maintenance and moderation
    • Reporting and Statistics

Using other people's communities for advertisement Run viral content

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таргетированная реклама


informing participants
community about events in company
maintaining interest
community members to a group:

    • shares
    • competitions
    • voting

community Moderation


We offer several tariff plans for promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram. Other customer desires in the promotion of goods and services, negotiated and paid extra.

Profile Audit

$ 49
  • Define your audience
  • Promotion strategy
  • Tips for profile design
  • Promotion Council

We need to develop strategies to promote


$ 149 / month
  • Creating a promotion strategy
  • Setting targeted advertising
  • new subscribers 100-200
  • Reaching Your audience 10 000 per month
  • Contests / raffle 1 competition (prizes for the shares provided by the client)
  • Monthly report of the work done

The initial stage of advancement


$ 299 / month
  • Creating a content plan
  • Making the profile in the same style
  • regular publications (3-5 in Week, Content provided by the customer)
  • new subscribers 200-300
  • Reaching Your audience 20 thousand a month
  • Contests / raffle 1 competition (prizes for the shares provided by the client)
  • Targeted advertising * advertising with pay per click, cost price + commission 20% *advertising budget on the discretion of the customer
  • Monthly Progress Report

It allows you to get a bigger audience coverage

About the price detailed

What price is formed?

Price for work vs advertising budget

Advertising budget - money that will be spent on extensive targeting advertising and advertising with bloggers.

Price for the service - Payment of agency: marketer, designer. The full cost of promotion = price for service + advertising budget

price for content creation

The price for the service depends on the regularity of the placement and the type of content.

For example:
– publish posts 2 times a week, provided with a photo and text from you
– write text, take photos, publish 4-5 times a week
Contact for consultation for a complete miscalculation.
Full cost of doing page = price for service

Starting advertising budget

We recommend starting with $100, budgets below will generate too little results - it would be disadvantageous to you.

Each advertisement has a maximum results, which can be squeezed out.
When a designer and marketer create ads, more profitable to invest a large sum at once, to get the full result.
If divided into 2-3 of the month, will have to make a few commercials and you pay several times for the agency services, and the result is the same.
When the budgets above $400, for the service price increases by 20%, because it requires more work from marketers, designers and copywriters

Here are hot from customers

Facebook, Instagram

It's time, when placing ads on social media sites became mandatory, if you want to quickly reach a new, motivated audience. Like it or not, but organic promotion, is a longer way to promote goods and services, as well as getting the desired result only with its help is already more difficult to achieve. Days when, without much effort it was possible, finding a client on the Internet disappeared forever. For many, the transition from organic to social promotion strategy can be quite confusing.. And the need to invest in social media advertising is also scary. Let's understand, what is the benefit of such a decision? In this guide, we will explain, how to use different types of advertising on social media and what types of targeted advertising might be interesting, to get real business – results with minimal financial investment.

Targeted advertising and its types

Advertising on social media sites is one of the most comfortable methods of reaching that particular audience., which you wish to achieve. You can find new customers or attract again those who were already interested in your product once. Targeted advertising is a chance to do some practical A / B testing, for a more complete analysis. All major social networks offer advertising options. This does not mean, that you should use all of them. When choosing a place to advertise, it is also useful to know, which networks are most popular among your target audience and where is your target group most actively concentrated and most accessible? If targeting teenagers? Then you are on TikTok – this is a super place to reach them as much as possible. Average age, Meanwhile, love facebook. Let's try to consider, what social media can work well for your brand. Where is your content, message, which you carry, can be natural and will reach your fans as much as possible? This is the main goal for promoting your products and services., creation of the first social advertising campaigns. Here is a quick recap of the latest analysis of social media Pew Research Center newsletter. It shows audience preferences for various social platforms and their demographics.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Pew Research Center

Now, when you have a feeling, what social networks might be best for your business, let's take a look at the ad types of each network.

Targetirovannaâ advertisement, Facebook ads

This type of Facebook ad will help you achieve one of three broad types, campaign objectives:

  • Awareness: Raising brand awareness or increasing reach.
  • Promotion of action: Sending traffic to your website, increased engagement, encouraging app installs or video views, versioning or encouraging people to chat with you on Facebook Messenger.
  • Lidogeneration: Increase purchases through your website or app

The audience: Facebook is popular in many countries, 2,45 billion active users in month. Facebook use, like teenagers, how are their parents, as well as older people are interested in him.

With detailed targeting options for this huge user pool, Facebook is a great platform, to get started with social advertising.

This ad will help direct users to Your Facebook Page or your website. You can also direct them to download the mobile app.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Hootsuite Digital 2020 Report

Targeted advertising Ffrom announcement

Internal Facebook data show, that a photo-only ad series can drive more unique traffic, than other types of ad formats.

In addition to photography, Facebook photo ads include 90 text characters plus a 25-character title. These ads may also include a call to action button.

You can create your photo ad via Facebook Business Manager, or just promote a post with a picture from your Facebook Page.

If you have any product, Facebook photo ad is a great way, to show it. You can show people, interested in your product, not just photos, and the product itself with its detailed description.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Targeted Ads Video Ads

Options video – of advertising Facebook range from short, looping video clips, which are automatically shown in user feeds, up to original 241 minute desktop clips. You can also develop video ads, that included in other videos. Or even share 360-degree videos.

With so many options, it is very important to have specific goals and understand, where is your target market and where your video can reach them.

Pro review: Short videos, usually, have higher completion rates. but, if you have convincing messages, you can go a little longer. Video can help to clearly showcase your services and stand out in the mainstream of static news.

Targetirovannaâ advertisement Announcement stories

In this full screen format, photos are displayed for six seconds, and videos can be up to 15 seconds.

One snag: You can't specifically select Facebook Ad Stories by themselves. They are included as possible placements when choosing auto placements when creating ads for Newsfeed or Instagram Stories campaigns..

Pro review: Stories are a great format for marketing. Most of the people surveyed by Facebook said, what they want, to make Stories ads "quick and easy to understand". Keep Stories Simple.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Targetirovannaâ advertisement Carousel ads

Facebook carousel ad lets you include up 10 images or videos, each with its own link, all in one ad.

Ad carousel works well, to demonstrate the various features of the product, or explain the process step by step. They are also a great way to present multiple products or services.. for example, Gap polo or Gap T-shirt.

Pro review: Use different elements in your ad carousel together, to present convincing, effective stories or messages. (If you need, so that they stay in a certain order, disable the automatic optimization function.)

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Targetirovannaâ advertisement Slide show ads

Slide show Is an advertisement, created video from multiple static images - own or stock images, provided by Facebook.

Slide show offer different movable video, but do not require specific resources to create. If you're not ready to try video advertising, but want to go beyond static photos, slide show ads are a great option.

A plus: Can insert music!

Pro review: If you don't have professional photography at your fingertips, background photos can be a great option, to help you express your brand ambiance.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Targetirovannaâ advertisement with a selection of ads

Announcement with a selection highlights your products right in your Facebook feed. The ad includes a cover photo or video, as well as four small product images with prices and other details.

Present cargo, as if it's your digital showcase, or instantly look into the catalog. This format lets people know more about your product., without leaving Facebook.

Pro review: The ad collection works especially well for retail and travel brands.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Ads in messengers

Messenger ads are just Facebook ads, hosted in the Chats tab of the Messenger application. Ads appear between conversations.

You can use them, to start an automated conversation with a prospect right there, на Messenger, or put a link to your website or application.

More 1,3 billion people use Messenger every month, many of whom are not even Facebook users.

Professional advice: You can use Messenger ads to restart conversations, who started. Use a custom audience of people, who previously communicated with you about your business.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Play applications

Facebook Playables are interactive previews of your game or apps. This enables users to try the application., before they buy or download it.

These ads start with a host video, encouraging people to play, using the icon “click, to try”. From here, users can click and instantly test drive the full screen demo versions, without having to install anything.

This is a great way to showcase your game..

Professional advice: Make, that you exactly represent the game in your video, application presentation should be simple: just two steps, Ideally.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Facebook

Instagram Ads

Facebook owns Instagram. So no wonder, that Instagram ads support the same three broad categories of campaign goals, like Facebook ads:

  • Awareness
  • Considerations
  • Transformations

Instagram audience is most popular with millennials. Generation Gen Xers also use this platform.

Like Facebook, you will be able to target your ideal viewer with custom targeting options. Create similar audiences, determine the behavior and activities of your audience, their interests and demographics.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Hootsuite Digital 2020 Report

The specific types of Instagram ads also reflect the four types of Facebook ads:

  • A photo
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Collections

You can create every ad type for your main Instagram feed, for Instagram Stories. Placing ads on IG TV offers unique ways to reach your audience, also. You can upload long videos here, which could not be posted on Instagram before.

Instagram Reels – this is a new content format for the platform, but so far there are no paid advertising opportunities here. it, as the saying goes: the novelty of the drums, it can make it a great opportunity to experiment with organic reach.

A photo – video ads

Your Instagram photo or video will look like a regular Instagram post, except that, what will he say. Depending on the goals of the campaign, you can also add a key for a call to action.

Professional advice: Make, what are your photos – video ads match the style with organic posts, which you post to Instagram. It helps the client to know, that ad from your brand.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Instagram

Carousel ad

In an Instagram carousel ad, viewers scroll through various images.

Pro review: Make, what images, the ads you use in your carousel are visually similar and related to each other by a common theme.

Check out this Carousel ad for Shutterstock. Similar images and a consistent bar of text in each photo clearly connect the ad components and help tell a consistent story.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Instagram

Collection of ads

Same, how Facebook inserts cover images or videos plus a few small product photos into the Ad Collection. Clicking on the ad directs the user to the website page.

This is perfect for a retail brand. Show them, What do you have!

Pro review: Instagram ad collection does not include title, but they allow up 90 text characters.

Таргетированная реклама

Source: Instagram

Research announcements

Expand your Explore feed ads to reach new audiences

This way makes it possible to place yourself next to the content, which is relevant and trendy. This advertising method makes it possible to show an ad about 200 millions of unique users, who view the Instagram Explore tab daily.

Professional advice: Your ad will not appear directly in the Explore grid, but when user clicks on any photo, he will see your ad in the scroll news feed.

Source: Instagram

Таргетированная реклама

ads Instagram stories

Instagram Stories ads use photos or videos up to 120 seconds. These ads are displayed in full screen format between people's stories.

Professional advice: Add interactive elements to Stories ads for better performance.

A / B testing shows, that a Stories ad with a poll proposal had on 20% lower cost per video view. Besides, 20% of people, who watched Stories, interacted with the ad.

Source: Instagram

Таргетированная реклама

IGTV advertising

Users can post long videos on the platform under a platform called IGTV. This feature was introduced on Instagram back in 2018 year, and since June 2020 of the year, you can now advertise in user created videos.

IGTV video ads will only appear after, how a user will click on IGTV from their channel. Ads must be vertical (optimized for mobile) to 15 seconds.

Professional advice: This feature is only available with certain Instagram accounts.

Source: Instagram

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