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Why do I need to pay attention to the signals from Google

Site ranking, what to expect from Google

Google site ranking - factors. We had a chance to monitor a large number of surfing results in order to determine: do external links continue to play an important role and do they have a big impact on website promotion on Google? It is important to know that, not only the number of backlinks, but also their quality, the relevance of the sites on which they are located is one of the not unimportant factors for website promotion. It is also important to know that using your budget for purchasing links, it would be more correct to purchase them from different resources than several from one.


Let's put it on the shelves

1 Material capacity

It turns out that Google gives an advantage to those resources that have a large number of characters in words.

For example, the leading positions in the search results are occupied by sites with the number in the text no less than 1900 words!

2 Security

After examining the information of the 1st positions in the search results, I came to the conclusion that Google provides for the presence of a non-dangerous HTTPS information transfer protocol.

3 Visuality

It is important that at least one image is attached to the page. The presence of two, three, or four illustrations does not in any way affect the position in the search results.

4 Title

There is a judgment that in terms of the ranking, Google paid a lot of attention to juicy keywords in & lt; title & gt ;. In 2016, the situation changed. Now perfectly matched keywords - anchors - are working. As always, the site loading speed and the overall responsiveness of the resource are of great importance.

5 Minimum failure rate

According to the resource OnlineZone, If this coefficient is minimal, in this case the indicator of the website in the search results promises the most advantageous position

What to do in this case?

I strongly recommend that you carefully look at the selection of platforms for placing the link mass.

You need to take links from sites that

  • are constantly updated;

  • "Humanity" sites for people, not for robots;

  • user activity on the site;

In addition, no one canceled high-quality content information. Because this is the main link of communication with the user and search engine robots. It is not so much the uniqueness of the material that becomes primary, but its relevance for site visitors. Content information should be understood to us, not only plain text with included keywords, but also graphics, videos, etc. These elements allow us to increase the time spent on the resource, and therefore affect the website promotion in Google.

psychological factor in the rankings has become a major

Google ranking has shifted towards the user and their needs. Today, there is a shift in the polarity of SEO from technical to psycho-social. Google has endowed its searches with artificial intelligence. As a consequence, the same queries entered into the search by two different people will give different results.

I recommend directing your efforts to work on the quality of the resource, which will inspire the trust of users. You can no longer build links automatically.

To collect quality backlinks you now need:

  • Business contacts;

  • Participation in various target forums, communities;

  • Brand PR (loyalty, authority);

  • Social media activity;

Bottom line: The number of factors for ranking increased significantly in 2016. Search engines have become more "human" and social, which means they are forced to reconsider the methods of promotion in SEO.

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